Where to Find a Good Dentist in Seattle

Where to Find a Good Dentist in Seattle

Those looking for a good Seattle dentist will face no shortage of options at all. There are many excellent clinics where you can schedule an exam and discuss your specific needs. Many dentists in the city specialize in cosmetic, general, reconstructive, and even pediatric dentistry.

Understanding the specific services you are looking for is the first step to finding the right Seattle dentist. For instance, not all dentists in the city accept little patients, so if you have children, a family dentist that can offer comprehensive care for your whole family may be the best solution. If you’re looking for reconstructive dentistry (for example, you would like a tooth or teeth replaced), then a cosmetic dentist would be your best bet.


The first and most obvious option would be reading Seattle dentist reviews. Add specific keywords to your search if you are looking for a particular service. After local business listings and paid ads, your search will yield a number of review sites. Yelp has a star rating system, so it is easy to see what former or current clients think of any given clinic.

Face-to-Face Recommendations

Asking friends or relatives where they go is an easy way to find a Seattle dentist. If you find a family clinic, this can greatly alleviate procedures like having teeth cleaned. If you need more than general dentist services, you can get a reference from a GP or ask around to see if anyone you know has found a specialist for things like placing dental implants, treating gum disease, or restoring damaged teeth. Always look up the clinic’s website for more information when you receive a referral from a friend.

Social Media

Another common way to come into contact with the best Seattle dentist is to see what locals are posting on social media. Friends or acquaintances who live in the area and whose needs are similar to yours can be very helpful. If you’re interested in cosmetic dentistry, imagine a friend or coworker being in a similar situation – it might not be far from the truth. Check out the social media profiles of people you know for information about local practices.


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